753211610, ELGEF+ TEE PE100 SDR11 5

PartNumber: 753211610
Ном. номер: 8056486715
Производитель: Georg Fischer
753211610, ELGEF+ TEE PE100 SDR11 5
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2 710 × = 2 710


ELGEF+ 90° Equal Tee
This Georg Fischer equal 90° tee is ideally used for industrial pressure applications such as water and gas. The tee provides an extensive combination of possibilities and with an ease of assembly. 4 mm pin connectors ensure a secure fit between all ends of the pipe.

George Fischer Electrofusion Fittings
Georg Fischer ELGEF+ is the electrofusion system for pressurised piping systems. Each part has been developed to work with all other system components. Whether for water, gas or other pressurised piping, above or below ground. Enables a quick and reliable connection of your pipes and spigot through electrofusion.

PVC-U Piping System Loctite 3422 A og B, universal rapid-hardening epoxy adhesive

Test requirementTest principleExternal monitoring
Raw material
DensityDIN 53479, ISO 4439
Bulk densityDIN 53468
k-valueDIN 53726
Oversize materialDIN 53195, DIN 53734
softening temp.ISO 53460, DIN 2507
SurfaceDIN 8063//5
Quality requirementDIN 8063//5BSI
Burst pressure,
Crush testGeorg Fischer Standard, UNINF
Heat storageDIN 8063//5, NFT 54-029 / 036, IIP
BS 4346-1, UNI 7449-75, ISO 580KIWA
Creep depending on time under internal pressureDIN 8063//5, NFT 54-029 / 035,
BSI 4346-1, UNI 7449-75,
ISO TC 138
SurfaceDIN 3441//1
Masses, dimensionsDIN 3441/2ff
Density, functionDIN 3441//1, DIN 3230//3
Heat storageDIN 3441//1
Creep depending on time under internal pressureDIN 3441//1

Bulk density1.38g / cm 3
Tensile strength55 N / mm 2
Elongation at break>30%
Impact strengthNo failure KJ / m 2 (23°)
Module of elasticity3000 N / mm 2
Thermal expansion coefficient0.08 mm / m°C
max. Operating temperature60 °C
Vicat softening temperature>76 °C (VST/B 50)
Moisture absorption<4 mg / cm 3
Surface resistanceapprox. 10 13 Ω

Технические параметры

Максимальное рабочее давление
10 (Gas) bar, 16 (Water) bar
Тип установки
90° Tee
Направление установки
только новые товары

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Datasheet 753211610