75585-02, 2 zone fire alarm panel

PartNumber: 75585-02
Ном. номер: 8031909711
Производитель: Gent
75585-02, 2 zone fire alarm panel
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Alarm System Control Panel
Fire alarm control panels designed to comply with EN54 Parts 2 & 4 and suitable for installations meeting BS5839 Part 1.

Easy to install, with clear fire/fault indication
Programmable with option for zone and sounder configurations
Integral PSU and battery support for up to 8 alarms sounder circuits, 2 auxiliary relay contacts and zone disable facility
Suitable for automatic detectors, manual call points, or a combination of both
Includes an external evacuation facility
Detectors and manual call points can be wired in any order
Detector removal monitoring via diode base
Auto reset function and silent maintenance tests configured by each individual zone
Any zone can be selected for special fire activities, zones may be disabled at any time
Keypad access with password protection
Batteries provide 72 hour standby

Detection circuits24 (max) per zone @ 16V (min quiescent)
20mA @ 7V across trigger devices
27mA @ 0V fire voltage
Alarm circuits2 per panel (min), 8 on 8 Zone panel
1A (max) load on 1&2 Zone panels
1·5A (max) load on 4&8 Zone panels
Auxilary relay contacts1 set N/O and 1 set N/C, rated 1A @ 24Vdc
Class Change 1 pair N/O un-monitored terminals operated via external remote
Fault MonitoringZones; Open/Short circuit via end-of-line
capacitor and polarising diode
Alarm Circuits: Open/Short circuit with 22kΩ
end-of-line resistor
Other; Earth/Fault, battery charger, mains
power and fuse state
ControlsSound Alarms, Silence Alarms, Reset, Cancel
Fault Buzzer, Lamp Test, Disable Zone
Batteries (not supplied)1&2 Zone (2x12V 2Ah 597-813 )
4&8 Zone (2x12V 2.8Ah 597-829 )

Компоненты пожарной сигнализации - Gent Gent

Smoke and Heat Detectors

Providing a comprehensive range of sensing devices for use on DC monitored, automatic fire detection systems, this series of smoke and sensing devices has been designed to provide easy installation and maintenance with full detector interchangeability. Particular emphasis has been given to the overall series design, in order to minimise the incidence of false alarms from electrical or other sources of interference.
The heat detectors are designed to meet the requirements of BS 5445: Part 2 as recommended by BS 5839: Part 1: 1980, and the smoke detectors are designed to meet the requirements of BS 5446: Part 1 and the draft European standard PrEN54 Part 7. Each detector can be fixed to a mounting base (available separately) which is suitable for two wire circuits using surface or concealed wiring methods. The detector is fitted to the base by a simple plug-in and twist locking action. The design of the base unit ensures ease of installation with easily accessible terminals. Four slotted fixing holes are provided to allow fixing at centres of 50mm and 60mm suitable for conduit boxes. The holes also enable the detector to be positioned so that the LED indicator (illuminated when the detector is triggered) is visible from a doorway, etc.

Base sold separately see RS stock number 175-630

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

Технические параметры

Number of Zones
Control Types
Cancel, Disable Zone, Fault Buzzer, Lamp Test, Reset, Silence Alarms, Sound Alarms
Silent Maintenance Testing
Auto Reset

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 75585-02