76-716TF, Repl polyurethane face fo

PartNumber: 76-716TF
Ном. номер: 8040172559
Производитель: Thor Hammer Company
76-716TF, Repl polyurethane face fo
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Dead Blow Hammer

Soft faced hammer manufactured from die-cast aluminium alloy
They are supplied fitted with a shock absorbent rubber grip and two easily replaceable screw-in nylon faces
The head has a sealed cavity containing fine metal shot which, when the hammer is accelerating forward, moves to the rear of the cavity
On impact the shot moves forward giving sustained maximum impact to the blow and preventing rebound
The hammer is designed to deliver powerful blows without damage to materials or operators
Typical uses include assembly and positioning of precision parts and shaping of sheet metals

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Dead Blow & Replaceable Face


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RS Dead Blow Hammers and Faces 76-716TF