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770-135, Прямоугольный разъем, Серия WINSTA MIDI, 5 контакт(-ов), Штекер, Зажим, 1 Ряд

PartNumber: 770-135
Ном. номер: 8008182856
Производитель: Wago
770-135, Прямоугольный разъем, Серия WINSTA MIDI, 5 контакт(-ов), Штекер, Зажим, 1 Ряд
Доступно на заказ 6 шт. Отгрузка со склада в г.Москва 2-3 недели.
270 × = 270


The WINSTA MIDI series Pluggable Installation Connector offers the greatest diversity of connectors, as well as mechanical and colour coding options for reliable, flexible and fast building installation. WINSTA® MIDI is the perfect interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads and an IT infrastructure. The 770 and 771 Series WINSTA® MINI pluggable connectors are ideal for fast electrical installation, allowing you to confidently adapt to future building technology trends. The wide range of products allows you to adapt WINSTA® MIDI to new applications at any time. The series includes both 2- to 7-pole touch-proof plugs and sockets protected against mismating, as well as snap-in device connectors. WINSTA® MIDI PCB connectors, cable assemblies, distribution connectors and custom junction boxes are ideal for a large number of applications.

• Plugs and sockets for self-assembly
• Pre-assembled connecting and interconnection cables
• Maintenance-free components
• Push-in CAGE CLAMP® for push-in termination for all types of solid and ferruled conductors
• IP20 Protection rating
• -35 to +85°C Continuous operating temperature
• -5 to 40°C Processing temperature
• Large number of colour and coding options

Разъемы\Штекерные и Гнездовые Разъемы и Компоненты\Штекерные и Гнездовые Разъемы

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Количество контактов
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1 Ряд
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Тип Электрического Разъема
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Монтаж на Кабель
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