7775, Wypall cleaning wipes, tu

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7775, Wypall cleaning wipes, tu
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Wypall Cleaning Wipes
These dual-textured handwipes are impregnated with an effective cleaning solution to remove grease and soiling. The unique material actually holds on to dirt and grease and contains a 'fast dry' cleaning solution that leaves hands dry and clean., Wypall cleaning wipes eliminate the need for soap and water at any workplace, making them convenient and easy to use. For a well balanced hand cleaning regime, the wipers also contain Aloe Vera.

Effective moisturizing and solvent free wipes for cleaning hands, tools & machinery.
Advanced formulation that both conditions hands and reduces skin dryness Specially designed and patented 3 layered fabric in 25 x 27cm sheets
Portable and lightweight
Lightly fragranced

®Registered trade mark of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

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Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

Технические параметры

General Cleaning
тип упаковки
размер щетки
30.5 x 30.5cm
Number of Wipes per Pack

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7775 Wypall Cleaning Wipes Data Sheet 7775
Wypall Cleaning Wipes (EN - SDS) 7775