78726-1002, Гнездо памяти, Серия DDR4 DIMM 78726, Гнездо DIMM, 288 контакт(-ов), Медь

PartNumber: 78726-1002
Ном. номер: 8042383161
Производитель: Molex
78726-1002, Гнездо памяти, Серия DDR4 DIMM 78726, Гнездо DIMM, 288 контакт(-ов), Медь
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The DDR4 DIMM 78726 series high-speed Standard Through-hole DDR4 DIMM Sockets offer greater PCB real-estate and cost savings with excellent assembly-processing compatibility. It combines excellent performance with maximum space-savings and assembly processing for networking applications. It features high dimensional stability and excellent compatibility in lead-free and halogen-free technologies. The use of less moisture-sensitive, high-temperature housing material minimizes the incidence of blistering on the connector housing and enables the sockets to withstand high IR or reflow processing temperatures, key capabilities that support up to three unique module variations across all DIMM form factors.

• Lower current of 0.75A per terminal compared to 1.0A for ULP DDR3 DIMM versions
• Ultra-low seating plane of 1.10mm
• Metal-reinforced latch tower housing
• Prevents cleavage or separation of tower bridge due to wear and tear
• Flush soldertail design for SMT socket
• Anti-stubbing mating contacts-provide smooth module lead-in and contact grip during insertion
• Minimizes accidental damage to terminals due to bending

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Количество контактов
Линия Продукции
Серия DDR4 DIMM 78726
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Гнездо DIMM
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