800-504, Quick-Mark(TM) aluminium

PartNumber: 800-504
Ном. номер: 8011768680
Производитель: Mega Electronics
800-504, Quick-Mark(TM) aluminium
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Quick-Mark Labelling System
Labelling system for in-house production of durable coloured signs, labels, warning notices and front panels.

Create PC generated artwork on LaserStar film (Stock no. 286-6773 and 286-6789 )
Expose with imaging film in UV unit Stock no. 559-934
Peel layers of film apart on low-tack adhesive peeling board
Peeled layer will be reversed image of original artwork
Film on peeling board is a positive duplicate of artwork
Laminate with application fluid to plastic base sheet
Select the piece of imaging film which will result in the emulsion being sub-surface. If not possible add over-laminating film for protection
Trim to required size
A starter kit is also available; it contains the basic components needed to create the labels: -

- Imaging film
- Base sheets
- Over-laminate
- Peeling board
- PAI applicator
- Applicating fluid
- HB104 pads

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508 x 305mm

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Quick-Mark Negative Working System Artwork Labeling Processing Instructions 800-504