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806702, Forkliftag standard Inser

PartNumber: 806702
Ном. номер: 8060608852
Производитель: Brady
806702, Forkliftag standard Inser
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Forklift Tags Standard Inserts
Brady forklift standard tag inserts detail all of the inspection information required on your forklift trucks. This is essential to ensure safety and effectiveness within your working environment plus the insert contains, easy to follow pre-use details including, a check list where you can record up to 42 inspection details. The forklift tags are designed for use with forklift tag holders

Scafftag® System
Scafftag® is the innovative tagging system which allows a complete, safety management system for your workplace, Unique holder and insert system ensures instant visibility of your scaffolding status and helps you efficiently manage your inspection procedures, A Scafftag® should be fitted at all legal access points (normally ladder access) from first build until dismantle

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