8325, 5mm LED spacer 9.1mm high

PartNumber: 8325
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Производитель: Keystone Electronics
8325, 5mm LED spacer 9.1mm high
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Keystone LED Spacer Mounts - Bi-Lead
This family of PCB LED spacer mounts, from Keystone Electronics, are designed to fit T-1 (3mm) and T-1 (5mm) LEDs. They are self aligning space mounts for bi-lead LEDs. A barrier within the LED spacer mount guides the leads through it to ensure that no crimping or shorting occurs. It also provides positive self-alignment on.100 centers.
Available in a range of different length options, the bi-lead LED spacer mounts are moulded from a nylon material.
Designed to allow LEDs to be mounted at different heights above the PCB and to minimise mechanical movement, the spacers also have a maximum continuous operating temperature rating of 50°C (3mm types) and 65°C (5mm types)

LED Mounting Hardware, Keystone Electronics

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5mm (T-1 3/4) LEDs

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