8862000080, Switch mode dc/dc convert

PartNumber: 8862000080
Ном. номер: 8026766851
Производитель: Mascot AS
8862000080, Switch mode dc/dc convert
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27W to 276W Linear & Switch Mode, DC to DC Battery Voltage Converters

Wide input voltage range
Regulated output
Input protected against reverse polarity
Input fuse protection
Ouput overvoltage protection
EMC to EN50081-1/50082-1
12Vdc and 24Vdc input types are 'E' approved for vehicle applications

Additional features on switch mode units

Electrical isolation between input/output/chassis
Short circuit proof
Thermal protection

All have 6.3mm push-on terminals apart from stk nos 397-9583 and 397-9599 which have screw terminals.
Linear units have a common negative connection between input and output.
Switch Mode units have electrical separation between input/output/chassis, except stock nos. 397-9583, 452-8603, 218-4835, 243-1131 & 397-9599 which are not-isolated.

The user is responsible for ensuring the suitability of any equipment connected to these vehicle power adaptors. For in vehicle use only. Protect from moisture.

Батарея для выходного сигнала постоянного тока об уровне напряжения в сети

Power Supplies & Transformers

Технические параметры

входное напряжение
10 → 16V dc
максимальная температура
минимальная температура
выходной ток
Непрерывная выходная мощность
Импульсная выходная мощность
выходное напряжение

Дополнительная информация

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