8983U, Nylon female scallop hand

PartNumber: 8983U
Ном. номер: 8068299170
Производитель: Ray Engineering
8983U, Nylon female scallop hand
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Scallop Handwheel Knob Impact Resistant

Nylon Polyamide 6 knobs with stud, female inserts and through thread
Zinc plated steel studs and alloy female threadings
Matt black finish
Working temperature -30°C to +85°C
Melting point +215°C
Tolerant of weak acids, with excellent resistance to chlorinated hydrocarbons

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Dimensions (mm)
ThreadDia.ABCInsertStock no.
M5 x 8 Female2817116Zinc Plated Steel 161-076
M6 x 9 Female2817116Zinc Plated Steel 161-082
M6 x 9 Female4020158Zinc Plated Steel 161-098
M6 x 9 Female5024159Zinc Plated Steel 161-105
M8 x 12 Female5024159Zinc Plated Steel 161-111
M10 x 15 Female60301912Zinc Plated Steel 161-127
M5 x 20 Male2817116Steel 161-133
M6 x 20 Male2817116Steel 161-149
M6 x 25 Male4020158Steel 161-155
M8 x 35 Male4020158Steel 161-161
M6 x 35 Male5024159Steel 161-177
M8 x 40 Male5024159Steel 161-183
M8 x 30 Male60301912Steel 161-199
M10 x 40 Male60301912Steel 161-206
M6 x 9 Thru4020158Alloy 161-212
M6 x 9 Thru5024159Alloy 161-228
M8 x 12 Thru5024159Alloy 161-234
M10 x 15 Thru60301912Alloy 161-240


Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

Материал корпуса
материал вставки
диаметр ручки
тип монтажа
Threaded Hole
M10 x 15
длина резьбы
Thread Diameter
Knob Shape
Multiple Lobes

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