92622020, Voltshield, AC Guard 20A

PartNumber: 92622020
Ном. номер: 8059559466
Производитель: Sollatek
92622020, Voltshield, AC Guard 20A
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Microprocessor Voltage Stabiliser, Air conditioning and Commercial Fridges

Accepts and corrects input voltage fluctuations across a very wide range
Output voltage accurate to within fine tolerances
Fully microprocessor controlled operation for very fast reaction times
All-electronic construction with no moving parts
Applications include fridges, freezers, air conditioning and coolers
Includes lightning surge/spike protection
Disconnects output when mains voltage is too high or too low
4 minute wait period to allow compressor gases to neutralise before re-connection of output

Techical Specification
Type of controlMicro processor
Input Range230Vac -29% to +23%
Output Disconnect VoltageLow = 185 V
High = 264 V
Correction SpeedLow = 0.5 s
High = 2.0 s
Surge / Spike ResponseWithin 10 Nanosecond
ConnectionDirect Wiring 6 mm²

BS EN60730

Кондиционеры линейного напряжения

Технические параметры

входное напряжение
230V ac
Maximum Operating Frequency
максимальная температура
Minimum Operating Frequency
минимальная температура
тип монтажа
Wall Mount
выходной ток
выходная мощность
Electrical Phase

Дополнительная информация

Voltshield A/C Guard Data Sheet 92622020