952-223643, Back plane insulating str

PartNumber: 952-223643
Ном. номер: 8003942834
Производитель: APW
952-223643, Back plane insulating str
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Tapped Strips/Insulating Strips/Screw pack

Used in front and rear tie bars for securing modules etc
Tapped for M2.5 screws
Insulating strips used with back plane tie bars to position the connectors
One hundred M2.5 x 6mm screws

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KM6-II ящики, универсальное оборудование KM6-II Sub-rack System Universal Part Pieces Accessories
These components are for the easy-to-assemble KM6-II sub-rack system which meet the requirements of IEC297-3 and are ideal for applications where external vibration is a factor to be considered. They feature an 84HP (426mm) total useable width. Kits for EMC compatibility are available.

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