A000052, Arduino Leonardo

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A000052, Arduino Leonardo
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Arduino Leonardo Development Boards (with and without headers)
We have two versions of the Leonardo board from Arduino; 761-7324 with headers and 761-7315 without headers.
The Leonardo features an on-board ATmega32u4 microcontroller as well as built-in USB 2.0. This means that your Leonardo board can appear as a keyboard or mouse on your computer once connected. The board can also appear as a virtual (CDC) serial/COM port.

Features & Benefits of the Leonardo
∙20 digital I/O pins (7 PWM outputs and 12 analog inputs)
∙16 MHz crystal oscillator
∙32 KB Flash memory
∙2.5 KB SRAM
∙UART TTL serial communication
∙Power jack
∙ICSP header
∙Reset button
∙5 V operating voltage

http: //www.arduino.org/software


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Microcontroller Board

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Arduino Leonardo Microcontroller Board A000052