A000093, Arduino Micro without hea

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A000093, Arduino Micro without hea
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Arduino Micro Development Board
The Arduino Micro is a tiny 48 x 18 mm development board with a built-in USB connection — great for prototyping. Here at RS we have two versions of the Micro board, 7798864 without headers and 7717667 with headers. The Micro also features an ATmega 32u4 microcontroller with a pre-programmed bootloader. This means that you can upload extra code without needing an external programmer.
To get started with your Micro board, you will need to connect to a computer using a micro USB cable.

Features & Benefits of the Micro
∙20 digital I/O pins
∙7 PWM outputs
∙12 analog inputs
∙16 MHz crystal oscillator
∙32 KB flash memory
∙2.5 KB SRAM
∙ICSP header
∙Reset button
∙5 V operating voltage
∙Can be powered either uisng a power supply or micro USB connection
∙Resettable polyfuse to prevent shorts and overcurrents on your computer

For Arduino software and getting started info, see:
https: //www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage

AVR Microcontrollers, Atmel


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