A3290KUA-T, Датчик на эффекте Холла, С Защелкой, 25 мА, SIP, 3 вывод(-ов), 4.2 В, 24 В

PartNumber: A3290KUA-T
Ном. номер: 8089845889
Производитель: Allegro MicroSystems
A3290KUA-T, Датчик на эффекте Холла, С Защелкой, 25 мА, SIP, 3 вывод(-ов), 4.2 В, 24 В
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The A3290KUA-T is a temperature-stable and stress-resistant precision Hall Effect Latch especially suited for operation over extended temperature ranges. Superior high-temperature performance is made possible through dynamic offset cancellation, which reduces the residual offset voltage normally caused by device package over-moulding, temperature dependencies and thermal stress. The device include, on a single silicon chip, a voltage regulator, a hall-voltage generator, a small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, a Schmitt trigger and a short-circuit protected open-drain output to sink up to 25mA. A south polarity magnetic field of sufficient strength is required to turn the output ON. A north polarity field of sufficient strength is necessary to turn the output OFF.

• Symmetrical switch-points
• Resistant to physical stress
• Superior temperature stability
• Output short-circuit protection
• Output short-circuit protection
• Operation from unregulated supply
• Reverse battery protection
• Solid-state reliability

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