A9406334+A9107111, Light grey polystyrene ca

PartNumber: A9406334+A9107111
Ном. номер: 8039320969
Производитель: OKW (ENCLOSURES)
A9406334+A9107111, Light grey polystyrene ca
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High Impact, Polystyrene

Anodised aluminium front panels
Battery compartment with slide in snap locking cover
PCBs can be mounted either vertically in guides, or horizontally on pillars with No. 4 self tappers
Stock nos 583-230 and 583-246 accept 100x160 eurocards
Battery connector required for PP3 models, AA models supplied with a series connecting tag

Plastic and Metal Hand Held Cases

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

Материал корпуса
внешняя высота
33 mm
внешняя длина
114 mm
внешняя ширина
72 mm
Integral Battery Compartment
оценка показателя производительности
Shell-Type Case
External Dimensions
114 x 72 x 33mm