ACPL-790B-300E , PDIP8 SMT

PartNumber: ACPL-790B-300E
Ном. номер: 9000361363
Производитель: Broadcom Limited
Фото 1/2 ACPL-790B-300E , PDIP8 SMT
Фото 2/2 ACPL-790B-300E , PDIP8 SMT
750 руб.
Доступно на заказ 900 шт.
Отгрузка со склада в г.Москва
2-3 недели
от 5 шт. — 682 руб.
от 10 шт. — 555 руб.
Добавить в корзину 1 шт. на сумму 750 руб.
Isolating Amplifiers, Avago Technologies
The range of isolation amplifier optocouplers from Avago Technologies is ideal for industrial environments where the optocoupler is used to insulate high voltages and isolate any unwanted signals. Sigma-delta modulator technology allows the current and voltage sensor families to provide precise measurements of phase current and bus voltage in motor drives, power inverters and voltage signals in general isolation circuits. These isolation amplifiers offer high CMR (common mode rejection) performance and built-in safety insulation. They are a suitable alternative to the Hall Effect isolation amplifiers, for current and voltage sensing in power converters.

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