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ACPUWT100000, Pi-TopPULSE Smart Speaker

PartNumber: ACPUWT100000
Ном. номер: 8000136195
Производитель: Pi-top
ACPUWT100000, Pi-TopPULSE Smart Speaker
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pi-topPULSE Smart Speaker with LED Matrix
pi-topPULSE is an accessory by pi-top to help build STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) based projects with music, lights and sound. The accessory can be used with pi-top or pi-topCEED, and furthermore as an add-on board to the Raspberry Pi 3 (RS <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=896-8660"><span class="inlineLink">896-8660</span></a>). The microphone can be used to record music and a DIY cloud-based voice service for students to ask Computer Science related questions.<BR/><BR/>Simply learn, play or create fun projects in lesson plans. The projects are suitable for beginners or experts aged 8 and over. <BR/><BR/><B>LED Array</B><BR/>• Snake<BR/>• Pong<BR/>• Flappy Birds<BR/><BR/><B>Speaker</B><BR/>• Sonic pi to code music<BR/>• General for listening to music<BR/><BR/><B>Microphone</B><BR/>• Sample music recording<BR/>• Voice recording <BR/><BR/><B>Combined projects</B><BR/>• Create your own DIY cloud-based voice service, with Amazon Alexa<BR/>• Light show with sonic pi<BR/>• Pixel Game with sound<BR/>• Tamagotchi


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модульный ноутбук Pi-Top с «набором изобретателя»
Для использования с
pi-top, pi-topCEED, Raspberry Pi
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