AD2S99APZ, Микросхема

Артикул: AD2S99APZ
Ном. номер: 9000242420
Производитель: Analog Devices
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The AD2S99APZ is a Programmable Sinusoidal Oscillator with synthesized synchronous reference output. The AD2S99APZ programmable sinusoidal oscillator provides sine wave excitation for resolvers and a wide variety of AC transducers. It also provides a synchronous reference output signal (3V p-p square wave) that is phase locked to its SIN and COS inputs. In an application, the SIN and COS inputs are connected to the transducer's secondary windings. The synchronous reference output compensates for temperature and cabling dependent phase shifts and eliminates the need for external preset phase compensation circuits. The synchronous reference output can be used as a zero crossing reference for resolver-to-digital converters such as Analogue Devices' AD2S80A, AD2S82A, AD2S83 and AD2S90.

• Dynamic phase compensation
• Programmable excitation frequency
• Signal loss detection
• Integration

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