AD5322BRMZ, ЦАП 12-бит, двойной [MSOP10]

Артикул: AD5322BRMZ
Ном. номер: 9000249176
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/3 AD5322BRMZ, ЦАП 12-бит, двойной [MSOP10]
Фото 2/3 AD5322BRMZ, ЦАП 12-бит, двойной [MSOP10]Фото 3/3 AD5322BRMZ, ЦАП 12-бит, двойной [MSOP10]
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The AD5322BRMZ is a 12-bit buffered voltage output Digital-to-analog Converter (DAC) operates from a single 2.5 to 5.5V supply, consuming 230µA at 3V. Their on-chip output amplifiers allow the outputs to swing rail-to-rail with a slew rate of 0.7V/µs. The AD5322 utilizes a versatile 3-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 30MHz and is compatible with standard SPI®, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™ and DSP interface standards. The outputs of DAC can be updated simultaneously using the asynchronous LDAC input. The part incorporates a power-on reset circuit, which ensures that the DAC outputs power-up to 0V and remain there until a valid write takes place to the device. The part contains a power-down feature that reduces the current consumption of the devices to 200nA at 5V and provides software-selectable output loads while in power-down mode. The low power consumption of this part in normal operation makes it ideally suited for portable battery-operated equipment.

• Guaranteed monotonic by design over all codes
• Power-on-reset to 0V
• Simultaneous update of DAC outputs via LDAC
• Low power serial interface with Schmitt-triggered inputs

Техническая документация

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AD5322BRMZ Data Sheet
Datasheet AD5322BRMZ