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AD536AJD, Ind CerDIP14

Ном. номер: 318702073
Артикул: AD536AJD
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/2 AD536AJD, Ind CerDIP14
Фото 2/2 AD536AJD, Ind CerDIP14
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The AD536AJD is an Integrated Circuit True RMS-to-DC Converter that offers performance comparable or superior to that of hybrid or modular units costing much more. It directly computes the true rms value of any complex input waveform containing AC and DC components. A crest factor compensation scheme allows measurements with 1% error at crest factors up to 7. The wide bandwidth of the device extends the measurement capability to 300kHz with less than 3dB errors for signal levels greater than 100mV. An important feature of the AD536A, not previously available in rms converters, is an auxiliary dB output pin. The logarithm of the rms output signal is brought out to a separate pin to allow the dB conversion, with a useful dynamic range of 60dB. Using an externally supplied reference current, the 0dB level can be conveniently set to correspond to any input level from 0.1V to 2Vrms.

• Laser trimmed to high accuracy
• Wide response capability
• Computes rms of AC and DC signals
• Signal crest factor of 7 for 1% error
• Low power
• Monolithic integrated circuit

Техническая документация

AD536A Data Sheet
pdf, 165 КБ
zip, 12673 КБ

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