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Производитель: Analog Devices
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The AD607 series 3V Low Power Mixer/AGC/RSSI Receiver IF Subsystem for operation at input frequencies as high as 500MHz and IFs from 400kHz to 12MHz. It consists of a mixer, IF amplifiers, I and Q demodulators, a phase-locked quadrature oscillator, AGC detector and a biasing system with external power-down. Applications of the AD607 include narrowband systems with a high first IF (21.4 to 300MHz) and a second IF at 10.7MHz, 455 or 450kHz. These include dual conversion IS136, GSM, TETRA, MSAT receivers and single or dual conversion VHF and HF AM, SSB, CW or QPSK receivers.

• Complete receiver-on-a-chip - Monoceiver® mixer
• 15dBm 1dB Compression point
• 8dBm Input third order intercept
• 500MHz RF and LO bandwidths
• Linear IF amplifier - linear-in-dB gain control
• Linear IF amplifier - manual gain control
• On-board phase-locked quadrature oscillator
• Low power - 25mW at 3V
• Low power - CMOS compatible power-down
• Interfaces to AD7013 and AD7015 baseband converters

Техническая документация

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Datasheet AD607ARSZ
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