AD650SD, Преобразователь напряжения в частоту, 1 МГц, 0Гц до 1МГц, 0.05 %, ± 9В до ± 18В, SBDIP

Фото 1/2 AD650SD, Преобразователь напряжения в частоту, 1 МГц, 0Гц до 1МГц, 0.05 %, ± 9В до ± 18В, SBDIP
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Номенклатурный номер: 8014848479
Артикул: AD650SD
Бренд: Analog Devices


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AD650 is a voltage-to-frequency or frequency-to-voltage converter. It provides a combination of high frequency operation and low nonlinearity previously unavailable in monolithic form. The inherent monotonicity of the V/F transfer function makes the device useful as a high-resolution analogue-to-digital converter. A flexible input configuration allows a wide variety of input voltage and current formats to be used, and an open-collector output with separate digital ground allows simple interfacing to either standard logic families or opto-couplers. The input signal range and full-scale output frequency are user programmable with two external capacitors and one resistor. Input offset voltage can be trimmed to zero with an external potentiometer.

• Reliable monolithic construction
• Nonlinearity is 0.002% typ at 10kHz, 0.005% typ at 100kHz
• Input offset trimmable to zero
• CMOS- or TTL-compatible
• Unipolar, bipolar, or differential, V/F V/F or F/V conversion
• Gain tempco is 200 max
• 1MHz linearity is 0.1% typ
• Operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C
• Packaging style is 14-lead side-brazed ceramic dual in-line package [SBDIP]

Технические параметры

EU RoHS Not Compliant
Part Status NRND
HTS 8542.39.00.01
Converter Function FVC|VFC
Converter Type Non-Synchronous
Full Scale Frequency (kHz) 1000
Linearity Error ±0.1%FSR
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±9
Typical Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±12|±15
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±18
Power Supply Type Dual
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -55
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 125
Supplier Temperature Grade Military
Packaging Tube
Pin Count 14
Supplier Package SBCDIP
Standard Package Name DIP
Mounting Through Hole
Package Height 3.56(Max)
Package Length 19.43(Max)
Package Width 7.87(Max)
PCB changed 14
Lead Shape Through Hole
Brand: Analog Devices
Dual Supply Voltage: +/-9 V to+/-18 V
Factory Pack Quantity: Factory Pack Quantity: 25
Full Scale Frequency: 1000 kHz
INL - Integral Nonlinearity: +/-0.015%FSR
Manufacturer: Analog Devices Inc.
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage: +/-18 V
Maximum Operating Temperature: +125 C
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage: +/-9 V
Minimum Operating Temperature: -55 C
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Package / Case: CDIP-14
Packaging: Tube
Product Category: Voltage to Frequency & Frequency to Voltage
Product Type: Voltage to Frequency & Frequency to Voltage
Product: Voltage to Frequency Converters
Series: AD650
Subcategory: Data Converter ICs
Supply Type: Dual

Техническая документация

pdf, 385 КБ
pdf, 418 КБ
Datasheet AD650SD
pdf, 451 КБ

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