AD7714ANZ-5, АЦП 24-бит Ind [DIP-24]

Артикул: AD7714ANZ-5
Ном. номер: 38827
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/4 AD7714ANZ-5, АЦП 24-бит Ind [DIP-24]
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The AD7714ANZ-5 is a complete analog front end signal conditioning Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) for low-frequency measurement applications. The device accepts low level signals directly from a transducer and outputs a serial digital word. It employs a sigma-delta conversion technique to realize up to 24-bit of no missing codes performance. The input signal is applied to a proprietary programmable gain front end based around an analog modulator. The modulator output is processed by an on-chip digital filter. The first notch of this digital filter can be programmed via the on-chip control register allowing adjustment of the filter cutoff and settling time. The part features three differential analog inputs as well as a differential reference input. It is ideal for use in smart, microcontroller or DSP-based systems. It features a serial interface that can be configured for three-wire operation.

• 5-channel programmable gain front end gains from 1 to 128
• Can be configured as 3-fully differential inputs or 5-pseudo-differential inputs
• 3-wire serial interface SPI™/QSPI™/MICROWIRE™/DSP compatible
• Ability to read/write calibration coefficients

Технические параметры

Тип архитектуры
conditioning adc
Количество каналов
Тип корпуса
Диапазон рабочих температур, С

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