AD8232-EVALZ, Eval. Board Heart-Rate Mo

PartNumber: AD8232-EVALZ
Ном. номер: 8060962297
Производитель: Analog Devices
AD8232-EVALZ, Eval. Board Heart-Rate Mo
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Evaluation Board for Heart Rate Monitor Front End
The Evaluation Board contains an AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Front End conveniently mounted with the necessary components for initial evaluation in fitness applications. Inputs, outputs, supplies and other circuit test points have been routed to vector pins to simplify connectivity to test clips and probes. Switches and jumpers are available for setting the input common-mode, shutdown (SDN), fast-restore (FR), and AC/DC leads-off detection.

Ready to use Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Front end
Accepts 2 or 3 electrode options
Directly interface to data acquisition or ADC
Access features with switch jumpers
Allows various circuit configurations

Усилители - специального назначения Special Amplifiers


Технические параметры

Development Kit
Amplifier & Linear, Data Acquisition
Kit Contains
Evaluation Board for AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Fro

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AD8232, Single-Lead, Heart Rate Monitor Front End AD8232-EVALZ