AD8402ARZ1, Двухканальный цифровой потенциометр, 1кОм [SO-14]

Артикул: AD8402ARZ1
Ном. номер: 261452070
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/3 AD8402ARZ1, Двухканальный цифровой потенциометр, 1кОм [SO-14]
Фото 2/3 AD8402ARZ1, Двухканальный цифровой потенциометр, 1кОм [SO-14]Фото 3/3 AD8402ARZ1, Двухканальный цифровой потенциометр, 1кОм [SO-14]
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The AD8402ARZ1 is a 2-channel Digital Potentiometer digitally controlled variable resistor (VR) device. This device contains two independent variable resistors performs the same electronic adjustment function as a mechanical potentiometer or variable resistor. Each part contains a fixed resistor with a wiper contact that taps the fixed resistor value at a point determined by the digital code loaded into the controlling serial input register. The resistance between the wiper and either endpoint of the fixed resistor varies linearly with respect to the digital code transferred into the VR latch. Each variable resistor offers a completely programmable value of resistance between the A terminal and the wiper or the B terminal and the wiper. A unique switching circuit minimizes the high glitch inherent in traditional switched resistor designs, avoiding any make-before-break or break-before-make operation.

• 256-position Variable resistance device
• Power shutdown - less than 5µA
• 3-wire SPI-compatible serial data input
• 10MHz Update data loading rate

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AD8400/AD8402/AD8403 1-/2-/4-Channel Digital Potentiometers Data Sheet AD8402ARZ1
Datasheet AD8402ARZ1
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