AD9910/PCBZ, Оценочная плата, 1Гвыборок/с DDS, AD9910

PartNumber: AD9910/PCBZ
Ном. номер: 8006726518
Производитель: Analog Devices
AD9910/PCBZ, Оценочная плата, 1Гвыборок/с DDS, AD9910
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The AD9910/PCBZ is an evaluation board for 1GSPS DDS with 14bit DAC AD9910 device. The evaluation board software provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy communication with the device along with many user friendly features such as the mouse-over effect. The AD9910 is a direct digital synthesiser (DDS) featuring an integrated 14bit DAC and supporting sample rates up to 1GSPS. The AD9910 employs an advanced, proprietary DDS technology that provides a significant reduction in power consumption without sacrificing performance. The DDS/DAC combination forms a digitally programmable, high frequency, analog output synthesiser capable of generating a frequency agile sinusoidal waveform at frequencies up to 400MHz. The user has access to the three signal control parameters that control the DDS frequency, phase, and amplitude. The DDS provides fast frequency hopping and frequency tuning resolution with its 32bit accumulator.

• Full featured evaluation board for the AD9910
• PC evaluation software for control and measurement of the AD9910
• USB interface
• Graphic user interface (GUI) software with frequency sweep capability for board control
• Factory tested and ready to use
• 0.23Hz or better frequency resolution
• Excellent dynamic performance
• Serial input/output (I/O) control
• 8 frequency and phase offset profiles
• Sin(x)/(x) correction (inverse sinc filter)

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AD9910 Series
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Evaluation Board AD9910, Software, USB Cable
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Analog Devices
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Цифровой Генератор Прямого Синтеза
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Datasheet AD9910/PCBZ