AD9958BCPZ, IC, DDS 2CH, 10BIT DAC, SMD, 9958

PartNumber: AD9958BCPZ
Ном. номер: 8116042808
Производитель: Analog Devices
AD9958BCPZ, IC, DDS 2CH, 10BIT DAC, SMD, 9958
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The AD9958BCPZ is a 2-channel 500MSPS Direct Digital Synthesizer with 10-bit DACs that provide independent frequency, phase and amplitude control on each channel. This flexibility can be used to correct imbalances between signals due to analogue processing, such as filtering, amplification or PCB layout related mismatches. Because both channels share a common system clock, they are inherently synchronized. Synchronization of multiple devices is supported. It can perform up to a 16-level modulation of frequency, phase or amplitude (FSK, PSK, ASK). Modulation is performed by applying data to the profile pins. In addition, the AD9958 also supports linear sweep of frequency, phase or amplitude for applications such as radar and instrumentation. The serial I/O port offers multiple configurations to provide significant flexibility and SPI compatible mode of operation. The AD9958 uses advanced DDS technology that provides low power dissipation with high performance.

• 2 Synchronized DDS channels at 500MSPS
• Independent frequency/phase/amplitude control between channels
• Matched latencies for frequency/phase/amplitude changes
• Excellent channel-to-channel isolation (>72dB)
• Linear frequency/phase/amplitude sweeping capability
• Up to 16 levels of frequency/phase/amplitude modulation (pin-selectable)
• 2 Integrated 10-bit digital-to-analogue converters (DACs)
• Individually programmable DAC full-scale currents
• 0.12Hz or Better frequency tuning resolution
• 14-bit Phase offset resolution
• 10-bit Output amplitude scaling resolution
• Serial I/O port interface (SPI) with 800Mbps data throughput
• Software/hardware-controlled power-down
• Dual supply operation
• Multiple device synchronization
• Selectable 4x to 20x REFCLK multiplier (PLL)
• Selectable REFCLK crystal oscillator

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AD9958 Series
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