ADC0804LCN/NOPB, 8-бит АЦП [PDIP20]

Артикул: ADC0804LCN/NOPB
Ном. номер: 32444
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/4 ADC0804LCN/NOPB, 8-бит АЦП [PDIP20]
Фото 2/4 ADC0804LCN/NOPB, 8-бит АЦП [PDIP20]Фото 3/4 ADC0804LCN/NOPB, 8-бит АЦП [PDIP20]Фото 4/4 ADC0804LCN/NOPB, 8-бит АЦП [PDIP20]
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The ADC0804LCN is a 8bit microprocessor compatible Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) in 20 pin DIP package. This ADC uses a differential potentiometric ladder and it is designed to allow operation with NSC800 and INS8080A derivative control bus with tristate output latches directly driving data bus. The ADC0804LCN appears like memory locations or I/O ports to the microprocessor and no interfacing logic is needed. Differential analogue voltage inputs allow increasing common mode rejection and offsetting analogue zero input voltage value. In addition, the voltage reference input can be adjusted to allow encoding of smaller analogue voltage span to the full 8bit resolution.

• Supply voltage range from 4.5V to 6.3V
• Sampling rate is 9.708KSPS
• Compatible with 8080 microprocessor derivatives, no interfacing logic needed
• Differential analogue voltage inputs
• Logic inputs and outputs meet both MOS and TTL voltage level specifications
• Works with 2.5V (LM336) voltage reference
• Onchip clock generator
• Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C
• No zero adjust required
• Easy interface to all microprocessors and operates as a standalone device

Технические параметры

Тип архитектуры
sar ацп
Количество каналов
Тип корпуса
Диапазон рабочих температур, С

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Datasheet ADC0804LCN/NOPB
Datasheet ADC0804LCN/NOPB
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