AFE4490SPO2EVM, Оценочный модуль для AFE для пульсовых оксиметров

PartNumber: AFE4490SPO2EVM
Ном. номер: 8036174970
Производитель: Texas Instruments
AFE4490SPO2EVM, Оценочный модуль для AFE для пульсовых оксиметров
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The AFE4490SPO2EVM evaluation module is intended for evaluating AFE4490 device. The AFE4490 is a fully integrated AFE ideally suited for pulse oximeter applications and consist of low noise receive channel, the LED transmit section and diagnostics for sensor and LED fault detection. The AFE4490 is a very highly configurable timing controller enabling the user to have complete control of the device timing characteristics. The device also has an integrated oscillator working off an external crystal to ease clocking requirements and provide a low jitter clock to the AFE4490. The device communicates to an external host processor using the serial peripheral interface (SPI). The purpose of the AFE4490SPO2EVM is to expedite evaluation and system development activities related to AFE4490 device.

• DB9 pulse oximeter sensor cable support
• Evaluation and live SpO2/heart rate modes of operation
• Acquire data at up to 1300Hz in evaluation mode
• USB based power and PC application connectivity
• Access to all AFE4490 registers via an easy to use GUI
• Flexible pulse sequencing and timing control
• Receive channel with high dynamic range
• Integrated fault diagnostics
• Integrated digital ambient estimation and subtraction
• Analog ambient cancellation scheme with selectable 1µA to 10µA ambient current

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Evaluation Board AFE4490
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Texas Instruments
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Аналоговый Front End
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