AH-86020, Grey 6way wired patch lea

PartNumber: AH-86020
Ном. номер: 8087280002
Производитель: Grand-Tek Technology
AH-86020, Grey 6way wired patch lea
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Normally Wired Non-Rated Patch Leads
Ready made cord sets terminated at each end with standard FCC68 data plugs. Leads are normally wired, that is contact 1 at one end joins with contact 1 at the other end, contact 2 to contact 2 etc. The cord is flat data cable employing stranded wire with grey PVC insulation. Cord length 3 metres.

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Серия RS

Технические параметры

цвет брони
Connector A
Male MMJ
Connector B
Male MMJ
Connector A Type
Connector B Type

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Datasheet AH-86020