ARD00354, MCP6N11 Wheatstone Bridge

PartNumber: ARD00354
Ном. номер: 8006918884
Производитель: Microchip
ARD00354, MCP6N11 Wheatstone Bridge
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MCP6N11 Instrumentation Amplifier Wheatstone Bridge Reference Design
This board demonstrates the performance of Microchip's MCP6N11 instrumentation amplifier (INA) and a traditional three op amp INA using Microchip's MCP6V26 and MCP6V27 auto-zeroed op amps. The input signal comes from an RTD temperature sensor in a Wheatstone bridge. Real world interference is added to the bridge's output, to provide realistic performance comparisons. Data is gathered and displayed on a PC, for ease of use. The USB PICmicro® microcontroller and included Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides the means to configure the board and collect sample data.

RTD temperature sensor
INA signal conditioning
PICmicro signal conditioning and communications
PC software (GUI): Thermal Management Utility

USB cable

Instrumentation Amplifiers, Microchip
Instrumentation Amplifier is a type of differential amplifier that has been outfitted with input buffer amplifiers, which eliminate the need for input impedance matching. Characteristics include very low DC offset, low drift, low noise, very high open-loop gain, very high common-mode rejection ratio, and very high input impedances.


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Development Kit
Amplifier & Linear
Kit Contains
Documentation, Mini USB Cable

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Datasheet ARD00354