ATXMEGA192C3-MH, Микроконтроллер 8 бит, малой мощности, высокой производительности, AVR XMEGA, 32 МГц, 192 КБ, 16 КБ

PartNumber: ATXMEGA192C3-MH
Ном. номер: 8040346856
Производитель: Microchip
ATXMEGA192C3-MH, Микроконтроллер 8 бит, малой мощности, высокой производительности, AVR XMEGA, 32 МГц, 192 КБ, 16 КБ
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The ATXMEGA192C3-MH is a low power, high-performance 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the AVR XMEGA achieves throughputs approaching 1MIPS per MHz allowing the system designer to optimize power consumption versus processing speed. The AVR CPU combines a rich instruction set with 32 general purpose working registers. All the 32 registers are directly connected to the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), allowing two independent registers to be accessed in one single instruction, executed in one clock cycle. The resulting architecture is more code efficient while achieving throughputs many times faster than conventional single-accumulator or CISC based microcontrollers. The XMEGA C3 device provides 192kB self-programming flash program memory, 8kB boot code section, 16kB SRAM, 2048byte EEPROM and up to 32MIPS throughput at 32MHz.

• Power-on reset and programmable brown-out detection
• Internal and external clock options with PLL and prescaler
• Programmable multilevel interrupt controller
• Sleep modes - Idle, power-down, standby, power-save, extended standby
• Programming and debug interface - PDI (program and debug interface)
• 4-channel Event system
• Five 16-bit timers/counters
• One USB device interface - USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps) and low speed (1.5Mbps) device compliant
• Three USARTs with IrDA support for one USART
• Two 2-wire Interfaces with dual address match (I²C and SMBus compatible)
• Two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs)
• CRC-16 (CRC-CCITT) and CRC-32 (IEEE®802.3) generator
• 16-bit Real-time counter (RTC) with separate oscillator
• One 16-channel, 12-bit, 300ksps Analog-to-digital converter
• 2 Analog comparators with window compare function and current sources
• External interrupts on all general purpose I/O pins
• Programmable watchdog timer with separate on-chip ultra low power oscillator
• QTouch® library support

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Микроконтроллеры - MCU\8-битные Микроконтроллеры

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XMEGA Microcontrollers
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