BB7, Emptying pump

PartNumber: BB7
Ном. номер: 8094145867
Производитель: Cif Athelec
BB7, Emptying pump
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Ferric Chloride

Superactivated liquid ferric chloride (for spray machine) or ordinary (for tank developing) supplied in batches of 2 containers of 2.5 litres each
Granulated ferric chloride pellets, for making up volumes of 2 litres
Detergent cleaner for diluting in 1/2 litre of water

Химикаты для обработки Processing Chemicals
Suitable for use with the RS PCB tanks, these processing chemicals are supplied conveniently packaged to make up sufficient working solution for one tank 'fill'. Instructions for the use of these chemicals are printed on the package, and are repeated in the instruction leaflet supplied with all tanks in the range.

PCB Prototyping

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