BC891, Starrett A19- hole re-wor

PartNumber: BC891
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Производитель: La Tolerie Plastique
BC891, Starrett A19- hole re-wor
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2 650 × = 2 650


Starrett, A19- Hole Re-work Adaptor

Replaces the pilot drill on any large conventional hole saw arbor or the pilot drill of arborless hole saws
Enables enlargement/rework of an existing hole
For use with hole saws which utilise flatted shank pilot drills

Pilot Holesaw Holesaw diameter range
smaller thread 14mm to 30mm
larger thread 32mm to 140mm
Working Holesaw
(Fitted to Standard Arbor) 32mm to 152mm
(Arborless Holesaw) 25mm to 127mm

This adaptor must NOT be used as an alternative to a standard hole saw arbor or with any arbor that uses the pilot drill as the method of drive

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Re-Work Adapter
Maximum Holesaw Size

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