BEK120001A51, FFP2 valved moulded cup m

PartNumber: BEK120001A51
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Производитель: JSP
BEK120001A51, FFP2 valved moulded cup m
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Single Use Moulded Dust Mask
For fine dusts and mists, solid and liquid based aerosols.

Soft comfortable and lightweight
Simple cup shape
Twin elasticated head straps and pliable, foam-lined nose strip to ensure face seal and extra comfort
Valved versions for improved exhalation and comfort
Odour valved types have charcoal layer to neutralise nuisance odours

FFP1 Assigned Protection Factor 4

FFP2 Assigned Protection Factor 10

FFP3 Assigned Protection Factor 20

EN 149: 2001

Манжетные маски

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

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степень помехозащищенности
Adjustable Nose Clips
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