BPW21R, Фотодиод 420..675нм

Артикул: BPW21R
Ном. номер: 403152527
Производитель: Vishay
Фото 1/4 BPW21R, Фотодиод 420..675нм
Фото 2/4 BPW21R, Фотодиод 420..675нмФото 3/4 BPW21R, Фотодиод 420..675нмФото 4/4 BPW21R, Фотодиод 420..675нм
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BPW20 and BPW21 Series Photodiodes
The BPW20 and BPW21 series of silicon photodiodes, from Vishay Semiconductor, are in standard TO-5 packages. These packages have been hermtically sealed, making the BPW20 and BPW21 ideal for high precision linear applications. Suitable applications for the BPW20 and BPW21 photodiodes include; sensors for light measuring in cameras, photometers, colour analysers, exposure meters and other general medical/industrial measuing and control applications.

Features of the BPW20 and BPW21 photodiodes:
TO-5 package with flat glass lens
8.13 mm diameter
Radiant sensitive area: 7.5 mm²
High photo sensitivity
Angle of half intensity: 50°
Low dark current
High linearity

IR Photodiodes, Vishay Semiconductor

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Datasheet BPW21R
Datasheet BPW21R