BQ2320-9R, Eurocassette,DC/DC,14.4-3

PartNumber: BQ2320-9R
Ном. номер: 8108061877
Производитель: Power-One
BQ2320-9R, Eurocassette,DC/DC,14.4-3
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Power-One 66W to 132W Single/Dual Output Regulated Isolated DC-DC Converter - Q Power-One 66W to 132W Single/Dual Output Regulated Isolated DC-DC Converter - Q Series
These Q Series compact DC-DC converters have all the necessary input and output filtering, signalling and protection features which are needed in the majority of applications. These converters provide flexible output power, high efficiency and reliabiity, low ripple and RFI noise levels, full input to input isolation, negligibe inrush current, overtemperature protection and over-/undervoltage lockout. These DC-DC conveters are designed for 19" DIN rack systems but can also be chassis-mounted using four M3 screws.

1 or 2 isolated outputs which can be series or parallel connected to provide pre-set voltages of 5.1 to 48Vdc
Particularly suitable for rugged environment
Excellent surge and transient protection
Compliant with European railway standards EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2
Designed for 19" DIN-rack systems occupying 3U/4TE but can also be chassis-mounted by means of four screws
Fully enclosed in black-coated aluminium case acts as a heat sink and an RFI shield, ideal for cold wall mounting
Conformal coating provides very high levels of protection against humidity and conductive dust
Hot plug and current share for redundant applications
Low inrush current, hot swappable. 48V input products complaint with telecoms standard ETS 300132-2
Features include wide trim range, output OK signal and inhibit
Dimensions: H111 x W20 x L172 mm
Weight: 480g
Minimum isolation voltage: 4.2 kV

Regulation output 2

Vo2 depends upon the load distribution: If each output is loaded with at least 10% of Io nom, the deviation of Vo2 remains within ±5% of Vo nom. The figures 12, 13 and 14 on page 14 of the attached datasheet explain the regulation with different load distributions up to the current limit. If Io1 = Io2 or the two outputs are connected in series, the deviation of Vo2 remains within ±1% of the value of Vo nom, provided that the load is at least Io min.

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Технические параметры

Эффективность, кпд
Input Voltage Range
14.4 → 36 V dc
прочность изоляции
регулирование в линии
регулирование нагрузки
максимальная температура
минимальная температура
тип монтажа
Chassis Mount
среднее время наработки на отказ
число выходов
выходной ток
выходное напряжение
12V dc
номинальная мощность
пульсации и шум
Input Voltage Nominal
24 V dc

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet BQ2320-9R