BQ25570RGRT, Special Function IC, Nano Power Boost Charger & Buck Converter, 100 mV to 5.1 V in, VQFN-20

PartNumber: BQ25570RGRT
Ном. номер: 8060677405
Производитель: Texas Instruments
BQ25570RGRT, Special Function IC, Nano Power Boost Charger & Buck Converter, 100 mV to 5.1 V in, VQFN-20
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The BQ25570RGRT is an ultralow-power harvester power management Integrated Circuit with boost charger and nano-power buck converter designed to efficiently extract microwatts (µW) to milliwatts (mW) of power generated from a variety of high output impedance DC sources like photovoltaic (solar) or thermal electric generators (TEG) without collapsing those sources. The battery management features ensure that a rechargeable battery is not overcharged by this extracted power, with voltage boosted or depleted beyond safe limits by a system load. In addition to the highly efficient boosting charger, the BQ25570 integrates a highly efficient, nanopower buck converter for providing a second power rail to systems such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) which have stringent power and operational demands.

• Ultra low power DC-DC boost charger
• Input voltage regulation prevents collapsing high impedance input sources
• 488nA Full operating quiescent current
• Internally set under-voltage level
• User programmable overvoltage levels
• Programmable threshold and hysteresis
• Warn attached microcontrollers of pending loss of power
• Can be used to enable or disable system loads
• Programmable step down regulated output (buck)
• High efficiency up to 93%
• Programmable maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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