C/03, Геркон, монтаж в панель, 9мм, SPDT, 50ВА, 250В DC, 1.5 A

PartNumber: C/03
Ном. номер: 8085046176
Производитель: Multicomp
C/03, Геркон, монтаж в панель, 9мм, SPDT, 50ВА, 250В DC, 1.5 A
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The C/03 is a heavy duty changeover Proximity Switch, which is inherently reliable due to their simple construction and sealed reed switch contacts. The device will give millions of operations at the stated ratings. Applications are numerous and examples of Reed Proximity Switch/Sensor applications can be found in most industries. This device is very tolerant to misalignment and is particularly suited to environments that are contaminated by dust, liquid and where non-contact interlocking or hygiene is a consideration. Reed proximity sensor consists of two parts, the reed switch and the actuator magnet. The reed switch will change state when the actuator magnet comes into close proximity to it, there does not have to be any physical contact between the reed switch and actuator. There are up to three operating faces for both the reed switch and the actuator.

• C/O Contact form
• 50VA Maximum rating
• 500R Initial resistance at 36VDC 100mA
• 1.5A Maximum switching current
• Reliable
• Non-contact operation
• Tolerant to misalignment
• Voltage free contact

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