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C1206J473K1RACAUTO, Многослойный керамический конденсатор, 47000 пФ, 100 В, 1206 [3216 Метрический], ± 10%, X7R

Ном. номер: 8001748130
PartNumber: C1206J473K1RACAUTO
Производитель: Kemet Electronics
C1206J473K1RACAUTO, Многослойный керамический конденсатор, 47000 пФ, 100 В, 1206 [3216 Метрический], ± 10%, X7R
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The F or J series ceramic Open Mode Capacitor in X7R dielectric are designed to minimize the probability of a low IR or short-circuit condition when forced to failure in a board stress flex situation. The open mode capacitor may experience a drop in capacitance, however, a short is unlikely because a crack will not typically propagate across counter electrodes within the device's active area. Since there will not be any current leakage associated with a typical open mode flex crack, there is no localized heating and therefore little chance for a catastrophic and potentially costly failure event. Driven by the demand for a more robust and reliable component, the open mode capacitor was designed for critical applications where higher operating temperatures and mechanical stress are a concern. These capacitors are widely used in automotive circuits and general electronic applications.

• AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
• Open mode/fail open design
• Mid to high capacitance flex mitigation
• Non-polar device, minimizing installation concerns
• Capacitance offerings ranging from 1000pF to 6.8µF
• DC voltage ratings of 16, 25, 50, 100 and 200V
• EIA 0805, 1206, 1210 and 1812 case sizes available
• Available capacitance tolerances of ±5%, ±10% and ±20%
• 100% Pure matte tin-plated termination finish allowing for excellent solderability

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