C44PLGR6200ZASJ, Film Capacitor 200uF AC F

PartNumber: C44PLGR6200ZASJ
Ном. номер: 8147699485
Производитель: Kemet Electronics
C44PLGR6200ZASJ, Film Capacitor 200uF AC F
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The C44P series from Kemet are aluminium can power film capacitors for PFC and AC filter applications. These are a polypropylene metalized film capacitors with cylindrical aluminium can type filled with oil, screw terminals, plastic insulator and overpressure safety device. Typical applications include commutation, power factor correction and AC harmonic filtering. The C44P series capacitors have high peak current capability, high torque screw terminals with plastic insulator, long lifetime and self healing.

• Capacitance value ranges from 100µF to 600µF
• Available in ±5% or ±10% capacitance tolerance values
• 250VAC, 330VAC, 440VAC rated AC voltages and 700VDC, 1000VDC rated DC voltages
• M12 bolt case type and male M10 terminal style
• 25/70/56 - IEC 60068-1 climatic category
• IEC 61071 and UL810 approved
• Dielectric polypropylene film and non inductive type winding
• Life expectancy of 100000hours at VRMS with THS <=></=>
• Maximum hot spot temperature of +80°C

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