CD4015BE, Регистр сдвига счетчика (=КР1561ИР2) [PDIP-16]

Артикул: CD4015BE
Ном. номер: 81702085
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/4 CD4015BE, Регистр сдвига счетчика (=КР1561ИР2) [PDIP-16]
Фото 2/4 CD4015BE, Регистр сдвига счетчика (=КР1561ИР2) [PDIP-16]Фото 3/4 CD4015BE, Регистр сдвига счетчика (=КР1561ИР2) [PDIP-16]Фото 4/4 CD4015BE, Регистр сдвига счетчика (=КР1561ИР2) [PDIP-16]
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The CD4015BE is a CMOS dual 4-stage Static Shift Register consists of two identical, independent, 4-stage serial-input/parallel-output registers. Each register has independent clock and reset inputs as well as a single serial data input. "Q" outputs are available from each of the four stages on both registers. All register stages are D-type, master-slave flip-flops. The logic level present at the data input is transferred into the first register stage and shifted over one stage at each positive-going clock transition. Resetting of all stages is accomplished by a high level on the reset line. Register expansion to 8 stages using one CD4015BE package or to more than 8 stages using additional CD4015BE's is possible.

• Medium speed operation
• Fully static operation
• 8 Master-slave flip-flops plus input and output buffering
• 100% Tested for quiescent current at 20V
• Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
• Maximum input current of 1µA at 18V

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Datasheet CD4015BE
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