CD4099BE, Регистр 8-бит х 8, адресуемый [PDIP-16]

Артикул: CD4099BE
Ном. номер: 877254554
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/2 CD4099BE, Регистр 8-бит х 8, адресуемый [PDIP-16]
Фото 2/2 CD4099BE, Регистр 8-бит х 8, адресуемый [PDIP-16]
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The CD4099BE is a 8-bit CMOS Addressable Latch can perform a variety of functions. Data are inputted to a particular bit in the latch when that bit is addressed (by means of input A0, A1, A2) and when WD is at a low level. When WD is high, data entry is inhibited, however, all 8 outputs can be continuously read independent of WD and address inputs. A master RESET input is available, which RESETs all bits to a logic 0 level when RESET and WD are at a high level. When RESET is at a high level and WRITE RESET is at a low level, the latch acts as a 1-of-8 demultiplexer, the bit that is addressed has an active output which follows the data input, while all unaddressed bits are held to a logic 0 level.

• Serial data input
• Active parallel output
• Storage register capability
• Master clear
• Can function as demultiplexer
• Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
• 100% Tested for quiescent current at 20V

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