CH-1022B-RED, Red push fit power cable

PartNumber: CH-1022B-RED
Ном. номер: 8146042321
Производитель: Yeu Tsang Co Ltd
CH-1022B-RED, Red push fit power cable
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Power Jacks Power Plugs
Standard push-fit cable plugs are available in red or black. Screw locking types feature an outer threaded sleeve which screw mates to the chassis mount jack outer thread for secure fixing. This plug will also mate with the PCB jack but does not lock. All plugs feature a crimp strain relief for securing the cable insulation. Plug diameters, 5.5 mm

Not to be used as mains connectors

Plugs & Sockets
Miniature plugs suitable for powering portable radios, calculators plus test and measurement instruments from a fixed, low-voltage d.c. source. Chassis mounting sockets for the 2.1mm plugs and adaptor leads terminated with 2.1mm and 2.5mm plugs and sockets are also available. Contacts are nickel/silver plated brass.Connector bodies are moulded in ABS plastic


Технические параметры

Contact Material
покрытие контактов
диаметр вывода
Voltage Rating
12 V
Body Orientation
номинальный ток
Mounting Type
Cable Mount

Дополнительная информация

DC Power Plug Datasheet