CJT10001R0JJ, Резистор в сквозное отверстие, 1 Ом, 1 кВ, 1 кВт, ± 5%, Серия CJT

PartNumber: CJT10001R0JJ
Ном. номер: 8064961356
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
CJT10001R0JJ, Резистор в сквозное отверстие, 1 Ом, 1 кВ, 1 кВт, ± 5%, Серия CJT
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The CJT series from CGS - TE Connectivity are single aluminium housed power resistors. The CJT series of resistors are advantageous to conventional ceramic resistors in the terms of weather proofing, oscillation resistance and safety. They are widely applied to a range of electrical circuits including power supplies, inverters and servo systems. With easy airtight fitting and the ability to fit a heat sink the resistor is highly suited to challenging environmental conditions. Typical applications include power supplies, inverters, servo systems and electrical systems in difficult environments.

• Resistance value ranges from 1ohm to 2.7Kohm
• Power rating range from 60W to 2000W, insulation resistance is>=100Mohm
• Tolerance is 5%, temperature coefficient of resistance is 440ppm
• Resistor element maximum working voltage is 1KV
• Dielectric voltage is AC 2.5KV/1min, 50Hz
• Lead/terminal termination, 500mm lead length, 1.5mm and 4mm lead diameter options
• 206°C to 453°C maximum surface temperature at rated power free air (°C)
• Vibration resistant
• Environmental protection to IP54
• High voltage, high power resistor

Пассивные Компоненты\Резисторы - Фиксированное Значение\Резисторы с Монтажом в Сквозное Отверстие

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия CJT
Класс Мощности
Номинальное Напряжение
Допуск Сопротивления
± 5%
Тип Элемента Сопротивления

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