CORTEC VPCI 111, Vapourcorrosion inhibitor

PartNumber: CORTEC VPCI 111
Ном. номер: 8037208365
Производитель: Cortec Corporation
CORTEC VPCI 111, Vapourcorrosion inhibitor
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VCI Emitters
Corrosion control emitters, which give off a vapour that adheres to metal surfaces and protects against corrosion. Protective layer is only molecular thickness but will protect a wide range of metals.

Non-toxic and safe to handle and apply
Molecular VCI layer does not interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical surface properties
Protects equipment during storage and operation.
Nitrate, silicone and phosphate free
No spraying, wiping or dipping
Compact, small emitter device with self adhesive back and self stick date label
Active and protects for up to two years
Effective even in regularly opened enclosures
Easy to use; remove from packing, stick inside enclosure box, close box for immediate protection
Protects electrical panels, electronic enclosures, switch gear, instruments, fuse boxes, computers and telecommuncation devices, etc.

Selection Guide
VCI 101Foam1 cu.ft/28 l
VCI 105Tyvek Covered5 cu.ft/142l
VCI 111Tyvek Covered11 cu.ft/312l

Промышленная и VCI

Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

Технические параметры

Corrosion Protection
тип упаковки
Package Size
58.4 x 32.3 mm

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Datasheet CORTEC VPCI 111