DC1755A, Демонстрационная плата для высокоэффективного понижающего DC/DC преобразователя

PartNumber: DC1755A
Ном. номер: 8010256065
Производитель: Linear Technology
DC1755A, Демонстрационная плата для высокоэффективного понижающего DC/DC преобразователя
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The DC1755A demonstration board provides the user with two high current dual phase synchronous buck converters driven by the LTC3860EUH device. The LTC3860EUH is a dual, PolyPhase synchronous step down switching regulator controller for high current distributed power systems, digital signal processors and other telecom and industrial DC to DC power supplies. The buck converters provide outputs of 1.5V/50A and 1.2V/50A over an input voltage range of 6V to 14V and a switching frequency of 500KHz. The board can be easily modified for a four phase, single VO, 100A supply. The power stage for each phase consists of the tristate PWM compatible 6mm × 6mm Fairchild DrMOS module and a 0.47µH 13.2mm × 12.8mm iron powder type inductor from Würth. A high density, two sided drop in layout is used. The entire converter, excluding the bulk output and input capacitors, fits within a 2.25inch× 1.38inch area on the board.

• High efficiency and high current density
• Remote sensing for each output
• Optional resistors to tie the two outputs together
• Connector and header to tie two or more boards together for up to 12 phase operation
• RUN, PGOOD and TRACK/SS pins for each output
• CLKIN and CLKOUT pins
• Onboard bias voltage regulator
• BNC connectors to monitor each output voltage
• 90.2% efficiency at VOUTA = 1.5V
• 89.2% efficiency at VOUTB = 1.2V

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Технические параметры

Содержимое Комплекта
Demo Board LTC3860
Производитель Чипа
Linear Technology
Номер Ядра Чипа
Подтип Приложения
Понижающий DC / DC Преобразователь
Тип Приложения Набора
Управление Питанием - Стабилизатор Напряжения

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Datasheet DC1755A