DEK 5 FW 1-50 -473460001, Terminal markers,1-50, 2

PartNumber: DEK 5 FW 1-50 -473460001
Ном. номер: 8071271746
Производитель: Weidmuller
DEK 5 FW 1-50 -473460001, Terminal markers,1-50, 2
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Markers for Terminals Markers For Terminals
Available as blank or pre-numbered, these markers fit into the side of the terminal. They read parallel to the rail.A fine tip marker pen for use with the blank cards is also offered, stock number 129-2907

Terminal Markers 705-9734 supplied as 1-50, 2 Cards, Terminal Markers 394-829 supplied as 51-100, 2 Cards.

SAK Series
Terminals manufactured from polymide 6.6 with a working temperature of -50°C to +100°C except the fused terminal block (425-689) which is high grade melamine with a working temperature of -60°C to +130°C. Asymmetric rail (G-profile) to B 5825: 1980 EN 50035 mounting


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Terminal Block
Accessory Type
Terminal Marker

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Terminal markers DEK 5 FW 1-50 Data Sheet DEK 5 FW 1-50 -473460001